Test Mold Production

Test Mold Production

An essential step in product development is the production of product models, before going to mass production. 3D printers are cost-effective means to produce adequate model, however in some cases these models are not enough. For example, when we need to examine strength of a product, welding of product parts together or in cases where the product has integral hinges, test molds are the best answer, as they allow the examination of these factors before producing a perfect, more expensive mold suitable for mass production.

Plastomold designs and develops single-cavity test molds suitable for the production of small quantities of product. These molds allow our clients to test their products, made in the exact intended shape and material, before going to mass production.

In cases where a product feature or a material is examined and a lot of back-and-forth is required, we suggest producing the test mold at our facilities in Israel. But if the product concept and design are final, it may be faster and more cost effective to produce the mold through our subsidiary in China.



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