Early Stage Product Development Consulting

Early-Stage Product Development

In product development, most of the critical decisions are made in the early stages of planning and design. These decisions will not only have an impact on product functionality and what the product looks like, they will also determine the speed and cost of production. Consulting with an expert at this stage of the process will guarantee a minimum number of trials, resulting in reduced cost and shorter time to market.

Plastomold supports companies at early stages of product development in two models:

1.Outsourcing– Plastomold will manage the design and development stage using our team of professionals. We provide you with: product characterization, 2-3 design options to choose from, 3D models, test mold development and sample models of a working product.
We lead the process on your behalf and with your full participation in every step of the way.

2. Consulting – Plastomold will accompany your team of designers, and assist in every step and aspect of product design and planning. We will help you improve and simplify product design and guarantee that you end up with a full functional product that is structured right and looks great.



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